The following is a guide to transferring your hosting in to BizGen Hosting.

transfer hosting BEFORE transferring your domains:

If you have hosted email or a website attached to your existing hosting we recommend transferring these before arranging the transfer of your domains. If you transfer the domains before transferring your hosting you may experience unnecessary downtime.

set up your new hosting

Contact us and ask us to set up a new hosting account for you. We will set it up using the name of the domain you are planning on transferring in or redirecting to the new hosting. As soon as it is set up we will email you your access credentials for your Hosting Control Panel.

set up your email in the new hosting

Next, set up all the email addresses you currently use along with any new ones you wish to have. You can do this within the Hosting Control Panel by clicking on Mail Boxes in the Email pane.

NB Do not set these up on your local devices yet as they will not work until after the domain has been transferred.

set up your website in the new hosting

You may choose to do this yourself, ask your website management company to do it or ask us. We charge £50 per hour for this service.

Click here to see our website transfer support page.

UK domains (e.g.,

Once you are satisfied that the hosting is correctly set up you can start the transfer process for the domain. See our domain transfer support page.

Most UK domains transfer within 24 hours, often less. If down time is a critical issue for you we recommend arranging the transfer to take place outside of your normal business hours.

top level domains (e.g. .com)

To mitigate downtime during the domain transfer (which can take up to 7 days for top level domains) we recommend redirecting the name servers BEFORE starting the domain transfer. While this will mean a potential 24 hours of downtime while the new settings resolve, in most cases the domain transfer will take place seamlessly in the background as the name servers are already pointing at your new hosting. So by doing it this way you are reducing your downtime from up to 7 days to 24 hours or less.

In your existing hosting change the current name servers to "" and "".

Once the DNS has resolved (usually within 24 hours), you can set up your email on your local devices (see below) and arrange for the domain to be transferred. See our domain transfer support page.

set up your email on your local device(s)

You will know when the transfer and/or name server change has started to work as your existing email settings on your local device(s) e.g. laptop, desktop, phone, will cease to work. At this time you should change your local settings to those for your new hosting (see Email Common Settings). They may not work straight away, but will usually start to work within 24 hours.

cancel your payment with previous host

Finally, don't forget to cancel any renewals or direct debits you have set up with your previous hosting provider.


We hope you have found the answer you are seeking. If not please click here to return to our Support pages menu or get in touch..


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