The following is a guide to transferring your website into your new BizGen Hosting package.

check your rights

If your website was designed and built by someone else and they are currently hosting it check that you are allowed to copy and move it to another hosting provider.

While our view is that anyone who has paid for a website to be designed and built should own the rights to all the elements that comprise their website, this is not a view that is shared by everyone in the industry. In fact there are a number of cowboys in the industry who will use this as leverage to keep your site hosted with them where they can charge you inflated prices.

Check that you own intellectual property rights to the design (including copyright on all supporting imagery) and the content. Also check to see if you are allowed to take all supporting code (including third party scripts) when you move the site.

In most cases you should be able to. The exception to this is when the site was built using a bespoke or premium Content Management System (CMS). You should know if your site uses one of these as if it does you will have the ability to update the website yourself through an online interface/portal. If that's the case you will likley lose the CMS when you move the site. You may also lose the design if it's template driven from the CMS. This is common with cheaper "build it yourself" website solutions.

backup your existing site

Before you do anything with your new hosting make sure you take a copy of your existing website.

If someone else built the site for you, and they have confirmed there is no issue over ownership, ask them to provide a copy to you. If the site is supported by a database, e.g. in the case of blogs, e-commerce sites etc, you will need a copy of the database as well.

Alternatively, if you have FTP access to your website and FTP software (e.g. CuteFTP, Dreamweaver) you can download a copy of the site and all supporting files from your existing hosting. You should be able to export a copy of the database (if applicable) from your hosting control panel.

recreate your site in your new hosting

For very simple websites should be able to upload a copy of your website files to the "public_html/" folder of your new BizGen Hosting and it will work straight away. Please make sure the files and folders are uncompressed before uploading them. You can upload them using the File Manager in your Hosting Control Panel or via FTP (recommended).

If your website is supported by a database you will need to import your copied data into the new database provided through your hosting. In the Hosting Control Panel click on MySQL and create a new database. Then click on Manage to access PHP MyAdmin which is the online administration portal for your database. From here you can import the data and make any changes necessary. You will also need to change any database configuration files in your website to point at the new database as it will have a new username, host and password.

getting help

Unless you have some website building experience transferring a website from one host to another can be daunting and a little complex, especially if the site is anything other than a really simple one.

Your existing website management company or your new one will be willing to help with this for a fee. Alternatively, subject to existing commitments and with some prior notice we can help with this. We do so at our maintenance rate of £50 per hour. Simple sites can take up to an hour, with large complex sites sometimes taking up to 4 or 5 hours. If you would like our help, get in touch.


We hope you have found the answer you are seeking. If not please click here to return to our Support pages menu or get in touch..


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